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Fundamental Ideas

Cursillos Movement

Por 7.50 €

Product of an exhaustive work, over almost seven years, this book goes in search of the origins, facing new challenges, being the forefront of new times, keeping the method and the charisma and, simultaneously, promoting a change, that is, encourages each one to fit the joy of the Gospel in is life.
This book is not a “bible” and must be read regarding the seventy-years of the Movement’s history, the history of the Church, and the current world historical context. Does not fully develop all the contents of the charism, the purpose, methodology and the structures of the Movement and can be completed and supplemented by other contributions, but their study and knowledge is indispensable for all who, loving Christ, loving their Church, serve God and man through this wonderful Movement.

Also available in other languages: Ideas fundamentales (spanish), Ideias fundamentais (portuguese)

Ficha Técnica
Título: Fundamental Ideas
Autor: Cursillos Movement
Coleção: Teológica
Secção: Pastoral
Formato: 14 cm x 21 cm
Páginas: 200
Editora: Paulus Editora
ISBN: 9789723018783